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Saragossa Band Saragossaband About

The Band


Saragossa Band Harry Karrer Leadvocal

Harry Karrer

Leadvocals, Founder, since 1977

Saragossa Band Esther Gebhardt Vocal

Esther Gebhardt

Vocals, Found in the band in 2019

Saragossa Band Evert van der Waal Drums

Evert van der Waal

Drums, since 1982

Saragossa Band Andy Bielan Keyboard

Andy Bielan

Keyboards, Backings, since 1981

Saragossa Band Norbert Rudek

Norbert Rudek

Guitar, Backings, since 2019

Saragossa Band Wolfgang Krieger

Wolfgang Krieger


Saragossa Band Hardy Wamser

Hardy Wamser

Perfect Sound for the audience (FOH),
since 2001

Saragossa Band Harry Berndsen

Harry Berndsen

Perfect Sound for the Band (MON),
since 2014

Gone Members


Saragossa Band Alfred Rudek Image 1

Alfred Rudek


Saragossa Band Alfred Rudek Image 2
… As guitarist and singer of the Saragossa Band, Alfred was part of the band from the beginning and shaped the Caribbean style of the band with his „sound“.
Saragossa Band Alfred Rudek Image 3
… with his compositions such as BigBamboo, Ginger Red or Pas Pleurer, he proved his great talent in a wide variety of styles, and was thus partly responsible for the band’s many years of success.
Saragossa Band Alfred Rudek Image 4
Alfred was a mainstay of the Zaragoza Band since 1977 – until he retired from the band in 2002 after a long illness.
Saragossa Band In memoriam Alfred Rudek Image 5
… a last greeting – goodbye!
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